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4 tips for preventing Lipo battery pack fires

This morning, I visited the RC groups forum and found a battery fire case. Seems the Lipo battery pack caught fire while it was being charged. And the owner of the house was not nearby. Thanks to the timely arrival of the firefighters, no more serious damage caused.

As for the Lipo battery catching fire during charging, let me give you an analysis of what caused it.

(1) Too much current and too high temperature during charging.

(2) The ambient temperature is too high during charging.

(3) Before charging, the Lithium battery cell damaged or deformed.

(4) The short circuit inside the battery.

How do we prevent battery fires? We have the following suggestions:

(1) Be sure to use a proper charger. Many people don't have the right idea about using a bad charger, thinking as long as it works. But they don't realize the hidden damage. Low-quality chargers are made from lower-quality Components. Therefore, the charge stability is also relatively poor. Using A poor-quality charger to charge a battery can result in the current is too large or the voltage is too high, resulting in battery damage. And easy to lead to excessive heat batteries, resulting in fire and explosion events.

(2) Do not charge a Lipo pack in a hot environment. E. G. do not charge the battery in a car that exposed to the sun in summer. Because the Lithium Polymer battery exposed to the Sun may cause battery failure or explosion. The Lithium battery is a rechargeable battery, the outer casing is all sealed. Therefore, when this kind of battery meets the high temperature, the battery internal electrolyte volatilizes but no place to release, easily causes the battery internal pressure to be excessively high thus to cause the explosion. If the temperature is too high than 60 C. It will destroy the chemical balance in the battery, leading to side reactions. When the battery charged at high temperature. Not only the performance of the battery material will deteriorate, but also the cycle life of the battery will be greatly shortened.

(3) Before charging the Lithium battery, be sure to check the appearance of the battery pack, to see if the battery damaged or deformed. Do not use if damaged. If the battery cell broke, or even leakage of liquid, this situation can not continue to use. Because the leakage of charged batteries exposed to the air, it is easy to have a chemical reaction with the air, resulting in a fire phenomenon.

(4) Pay attention to protect the charging and discharging wire, do not pull. External Force tearing can easily lead to welding contact, Short circuit.

When you use batteries, you must strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions to use, must pay attention to safety.

If you want to discuss or learn any battery information, please feel free to email me: tts@tititop.com

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